William C. Schinzer, Ph.D., is an analytical/physical scientist with more than 30 years experience in drug discovery, analytical research for drug substance and drug product, facilitating registration efforts, and supporting commercial launch and maintenance of drug products.

His tenure at Upjohn, Pharmacia, Pfizer and most recently Eurofins AvTech Laboratories, includes extensive experience resolving drug product issues and facilitating API synthesis development, giving him a rare combination of industry expertise.

Bill worked as a drug product development scientist in Analytical R&D, supporting discovery and development efforts. As a scientist and group leader, he developed chemical and physical methods to support new drug syntheses and implemented new analytical methods to enhance materials characterization and reference standard purity assessment.

Bill most recently worked with pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and nutraceuticals, as well as medical devices such as drug-eluting coronary stents and implantable pumps. His group’s GMP work

has supported both commercial and clinical projects for ethical and generic clients and preclinical and clinical projects for startups and virtual development firms.

His experience includes chromatographic methods such as HPLC and GC, spectroscopic methods, physical methods (analysis for particulates, surface area, DSC, TGA), and methods to monitor dosage form performance such as dissolution testing.

Bill graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry and spent 23 years at Upjohn, Pharmacia and Pfizer. He directed Eurofins Pharma Services development lab for four years prior to starting Arrow Pharma Services. He currently serves as a CMC project leader for Metabolic Solutions Development Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Bill's unique understanding of both drug product and drug substance development allows him to formulate a comprehensive plan for his clients. His scientific persistence and unwavering attention to his clients’ needs and deadlines gives his clients clarity and confidence to make sound business decisions.